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Important Legislative and Regulatory Items for 2015
  Craig Regelbrugge, Senior Vice President, AmericanHort
Craig Regelbrugge serves as the American Horticultural Industry Association's Vice President for Government Relations and Research. He serves in several leadership positions regarding the green industry and labor and immigration reform. He is national co-chair of the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR), working to secure an affordable and legal workforce for nursery and greenhouse growers. In 2008 he was elected vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Immigration Forum, and represents agriculture and the green industry on the management team of the Reform Immigration FOR America campaign.

Who’s Gonna Buy a Tree in 5 Years? …Emerging Consumer Trends Impacting our Industry
Rick Dungey, Executive Director, NCTA
Housing and consumer trends are part of overall changing demographics which will impact the way growers will grow trees and the way retailers will have to sell them. Household location, size, and make up are all important to our industry. If we want to grow and expand our markets, we will have to adapt and make some changes,
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Rick Dungey is the Executive Director of the National Christmas Tree Association. He has over 18 years of experience working with the association, members and growers in the industry. 

The Future Of The Economy: What's Really Going On? How Does It Affect Marketing of Christmas Trees? 
  Dr. Roger Blackwell, Blackwell Business Advisors
"If you don't know the cause, you won't know the cure." Dr. Roger Blackwell drives home this theme, focusing on how consumers determine the economy affecting Christmas tree demand and marketing. He shows why unemployment increasingly is structural rather than fluctual, demonstrating marketing and increased productivity are keys to long-term prosperity. Using the latest demographic trends, Roger shows growers and retailers how to forecast the future of the economy, and understand millennial marketing.

With an engaging, interactive presentation, Blackwell shows how to use marketing principles such as market segmentation, functional shiftability and centrifugal expansion to grow sales and profitability. Principles and examples are described from his newest book Saving America: How Garage Entrepreneurs Grow Small Firms into Large Fortunes. (Union Hill, 2014)

Roger Blackwell, Ph.D., (Northwestern University) was named Outstanding Marketing Professor in America by Sales and Marketing Executives International and described in The New York Times as one of America's top speakers on business and marketing. He retired as a professor of marketing from The Ohio State University and visiting professor at Stanford University and has lectured to Christmas tree growers and retailers on several previous occasions. “How Do You Say Christmas” based on NCTA research is printed in the textbook Consumer Behavior, 10th edition, by Dr. Blackwell and used in universities throughout the world.
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