Giving Back to the Community in San Diego, California

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Helping to Make Your Garden Grow

City programs that collect Christmas Trees for mulching are common through the United States; the mulch is then often used for city beautification projects. In San Diego, however, the fertile mulch is offered free of charge to residents throughout the year.

The program, which has been offered since 1973, allows city residents to drop off their Christmas Trees at 18 locations, or they may leave their trees at the curb for collection. All trees are then recycled into high-quality mulch and compost, which is available to residents at the Miramar Greenery. "By recycling your Christmas Tree, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of material in the landfill and help the environment by giving your holiday tree a second life as compost, mulch or wood chips," explains Elmer L. Heap Jr., director of Environmental Services Department.

In 2004, the San Diego Christmas Tree Recycling Program turned approximately 940 tons of Christmas Trees into valuable mulch and compost.